Evgeny I love this so much. Excited to read more of your work and thoughts about being Russian. As a soviet myself, and someone who speaks Russian and not Ukrainian and has no idea who he really is, its so nice to hear the perspective of other Russian people. And do not even worry a little bit about grammar or typos or any of that shit - what matters is the feeling and its so clear in your piece how much feeling there is!! Sending love, Sasha

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Thanks for your words and support, Sasha! Your comment was the first thing I saw in the morning, and it made my day.

Before starting this project I've decided to simply go for it, and be myself. Probably, that's the best strategy. Running my Russian newsletter for five years taught me that your audience feel when you're not honest with them to the fullest or when you're trying to smooth the edges.

I'm glad to hear that you found my writing worth reading and this piece found its way to your heart.

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